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Recently, I began using your Precision Reading Program with ELL students at Midsun Junior High School in Calgary. Prior to this placement I was unfamiliar with your program and its application with ELL students. Their successes prompted me to write to you and give you some feedback based on my experiences particularly with regards to ELL students.

I’d like to begin by saying I love your program. The benefits are astounding. It’s difficult to know where to begin a pull out enhancement program that’s effective and timely. Your precision reading allows students to build confidence in a short time. ELL students that were initially reluctant English learners became confident almost immediately as their vocabulary, fluency, confidence and comprehension increased. Within a month of daily PR my diverse group of ELL student s were able to achieve success in many subject areas based on PR samples drawn from all the study areas.

Given the growing population of ELL students in our schools across Canada, it is tantamount that we have programs like these to support our students with their learning.  Thank you for giving me an accessible program that works!

Tammy Campsall
ELL Instructor
Midsun Junior High School

Many of our teachers have started using the Precision Reading program and are reporting some pretty spectacular results. We have as well done some follow up workshops with them (teachers and TAs) to ensure that they completely understand the program. Many are in disbelief at the progress, how motivated the students are and how enthusiastic and motivated the students are, and the impact it has on their work.

We have not made any decisions on how it will roll out next year but if things look this promising at our initial attempts we may make plans to mandate it in all our schools next year. I will keep you informed.

LaVina Gillespie
Assistant Superintendent
Northland School Division #61
Peace River, Alberta

Your reading program has been the vehicle for success in reading for my students. They are a unique group ranging from grade 8-11 with numerous learning/behavioral disabilities. We are a school within a school taking care of kids needs. Due to the success within your reading program self-esteem, confidence, and participation in other parts of the curriculum is evident.

Most students ranged from grade 1 to grade 3 nine months on the Brigance reading assessment in September, 2006. Today, they range from Grade 3 three months to grade 8 three months. Our next task is to take these reading levels to other courses such as Social studies and Science. Again, my students and I thank you for your wonderful program.

John Levering
Vancouver Island West School District 84
Gold River, BC

I am a special services teacher at St. Gerard school, a French immersion school in Saskatoon. I contacted you a couple of years ago to ask about Precision Reading. I bought your manual and have started implementing the technique with some of my weaker French Immersion students. At present the students who are following the daily reading plan are all in the grade three programs. I chose them to participate in this trial session because they were reading at a beginning grade one level.Most students ranged from grade 1 to grade 3 nine months on the Brigance reading assessment in September, 2006. Today, they range from Grade 3 three months to grade 8 three months. Our next task is to take these reading levels to other courses such as Social studies and Science. Again, my students and I thank you for your wonderful program.

The daily sessions started in January, after the Christmas break and have continued on a daily basis since. At present all but one of the 12 students have improved their reading levels in French. Their fluency and sight work recognition has improved. 8 of the 12 are now reading at 2 or 3 months below their grade level. I thought that it may be interesting for you to know that the program is being using in French Immersion situations (with minor modifications) successfully

Louise Robert
Special Services Teacher
St. Gerard School – Saskatoon

Hello Dr. Freeze,

At Nampa Public School, we now have a total of 26 students participating in Precision Reading and we have successes all around!

Nampa Public School
Nampa, Alberta, Canada

Hi Rick,

We have been doing Precision Reading for years.  Thanks for the effective, quick and easy method

Doris Young
Resource Teacher
Landmark Elementary School
Landmark, Manitoba, Canada

The following quotes are representative of the many unsolicited letters and e-mails received from educators and parents using Precision Reading.

I am a teacher who has been using Precision Reading with students for years. The results have been amazing.

Classroom Teacher

We have seen great improvements in student reading. Not only has reading improved but there has been a noticeable increase in self-confidence

Resource Teacher

I have used Precision Reading for a number of years in my role as resource teacher in two schools. I like it. It is simple. It is effective, and it is motivating. Struggling readers buy into it. You say in your brochure that readers can improve their reading by two grade levels in about 90 sessions. That is consistent with what I have observed.

Resource Teacher

I have been working with a group of seventeen students on the core strategy of your Precision Reading program. So far, it has been a great success. Both the students and myself have enjoyed the positives that have come out of your program.

Teacher Aide

The effect that the intervention had on Barbara’s (pseudonym) word recognition and fluency is staggering. One would have had to hear how disjointed, slow, and word-by-word her reading sounded prior to beginning Precision Reading. Barbara now attends more regularly to punctuation, reads for meaning with expression, and has a much larger base of sight words. She views herself as a competent reader for the first time.

Special Educator

My son has ocular motor dysfunction and has always struggled with reading. Over the last two years or so, he has been practicing with the Precision Reading technique. His reading has improved greatly. More importantly, he has developed confidence in his reading abilities and an improved sense of self-esteem.

Mother of 11-year-old

The following quotes were obtained in research studies with elementary and secondary school educators (see Research and Development) where the anonymity of the respondents was guaranteed.

They ask a lot more questions after they read. I’ve asked them comprehension questions and they understood.

My students shared their successes and cheered each other on.

Students often asked if it was time for Precision Reading yet.

A lot of them told me they read more at home. To me, it seems they enjoy reading more now. We took passages from their classes, they recognized them and they said they understood them better due to Precision Reading.

A student who hated reading, now loves it.

All of the children that were in the Precision Reading program, without doubt, felt more positive about themselves. Because they did have an opportunity to experience success…. I felt that all of them came away with a more positive self-image and a more positive attitude.

I liked it a lot. I enjoyed it. Because I see progress in a lot of students. Because it works, I see the difference. They read more words per minute, there’s not as much hesitating, they seem to enjoy it too. I got to know the students a lot better.

Their word acquisition carried over into daily work.

They got better on successive passages, faster with less errors.

They’re motivated to read. They like reading more.

The following quotes were obtained in research studies with elementary and secondary school students where the anonymity of the respondents was guaranteed.

I felt good because it helped me learn how to read. My teacher says I’ve improved a lot.

If I have to read a book for a book report, I understand more what I’m reading about.

When I read, I understand more and I can answer questions more easily.

Classroom Teacher

When I wasn’t in PR [Precision Reading], I didn’t read that much. With a chapter book, I said what’s this word, what’s that word. Now, with a chapter book, I don’t have to stop that many times.

It makes new passages easier.

Before, I didn’t understand much of what I read, now I remember it.

It prepared us for what we were taking in class.

I feel happy because every time I do PR, I get zero mistakes.

I like it. When you’re reading, the teachers are believing in you.

I’m a better reader because of Precision Reading.

“I read books now. I didn’t used to read books. Now I try at reading.

I read faster, I get my work done more quickly.